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Spontaneous & timeless photos


Are you looking for a photographer for a photoshoot? A beautiful photo of yourself or with your lover or your family? I take spontaneous, fresh and timeless photos and I’m open to different ideas.

I prefer to shoot outside. I love natural light and I take on the challenge of getting the best results out of different types of light. Moreover, shooting outside feels much more free than inside a studio. This creates more beautiful and spontaneous photos. Especially if you’re bringing children.

Do you dislike posing? You certainly don’t have to pose. I love to take photographs who show the real you, without any stiff poses.

Or maybe you do want to pose? For your portfolio, for example. No problem. I also have a lot of experience with fashion and beauty photography.

Work Method


You’ll receive the photos in a private online gallery after the shoot and payment. I’ll send the invoice after the photoshoot. The online gallery is protected with a password and can be shared with friends and family. You can download the photos in high-resolution through the gallery. The photos will stay online for roughly a year, giving you plenty of time to download them.


I have no studio considering I prefer to shoot outside. If you do want to get photographed inside, then we can look for a beautiful location together.


I live in Utrecht (the Netherlands), but I don’t mind to travel. I travel throughout the Netherlands, and even outside the Netherlands. I do charge travel expenses outside of Utrecht.


You’ll receive the high-resolution photos digitally, in color and black-&-white. I don’t deliver separate prints. I do create photo books on demand. Please contact me if you want more information about photo books.

Sharing Photos

You’re free to use the photos privately. Which means you can share them with friends and family. However, you’re not allowed to share them commercially, to promote your company, for example. If you share the photos on social media, I appreciate it if you mention my company name or tag Mandy Aileen’s Facebook page.


Photoshoot outside of the Netherlands

I love to travel and photograph abroad. A wedding on Ibiza, a photo shoot on Bali, a love shoot in Nepal — it all sounds great to me!

Have you always wanted to do a love shoot in Paris or New York? Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss the possibilities. I’d love to travel to your destination for an unforgettable photoshoot.


What should I wear?

Wear whatever makes you feel good! It doesn’t have to match perfectly or be really fancy or be in one colour. Unless you want to, of course. Just be you. However, it does look nicer if you take off your coat and avoid overly busy prints.

Any tips for small children?

Small children can be difficult to “direct”. That’s why I like to keep photoshoots with children spontaneous and light. Playing, having fun, not too many demands. It’s a good idea to bring some sort of distraction for very small children. Some toys or a bubble blower, for example.

What kind of location is best?

I don’t have a studio and therefore I work on location. I love to photograph outside, because natural light is beautiful and because most people feel more relaxed outside. If you’re looking for a location, I’ll happily help you, so feel free to contact me for tips!

Do you have any other tips?

Have fun! Try to think of it as a fun moment with your family, friends or partner and surrender yourself to the moment. I won’t think you’re weird and I can help you pose if you’d like, but just be yourself.

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