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Frequently asked questions

What is your style?

Romantic, enchanting and with a talent for light. That’s how clients, friends and family describe my style. I love natural light and I take on the challenge of getting the best results out of every different type of light. Moreover, I’m always looking for special, spontaneous moments and beautiful details. I love to take pure, timeless photographs and I don’t use flashy filters during the editing process.

How do you work?

I want to see everything on your wedding without disturbing anything. I’m calm, am not fazed easily and I work hard. Making you feel comfortable is the most important to me. I’m flexible and adapt easily.

Are you an experienced (wedding) photographer?

Yes, I think I’m quite experienced. I’ve shot over a hundred weddings since 2012 in and outside the Netherlands. Aside from weddings and portraits, I also shoot commercial work, like fashion shoots, advertising, look books and business shoots. Furthermore, as you’ve might already read, I love to travel. During my latest journey through Australia, I followed a workshop of one of the world’s best wedding photographers, Jai Long.

We want to get married outside of the Netherlands and we want you to shoot our wedding. Is that possible?

Yes, yes, yes! I love to travel and I’ve already photographed weddings in Nepal, India, Paris, Australia and Ibiza. My website even has a special page for destination weddings.

Can we reserve a date without making an official booking?

No. It’s normal that you might still be wavering between different photographers. However, I only accept official booking in order to prevent double reservations and disappointments. Do you want me as your photographer? Don’t wait too long to book me. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

How does a consultation meeting work?

It’s possible to meet me before the wedding in Utrecht (The Netherlands) and surrounding areas. If we meet, you can tell me all about your big day and your wishes. I’ll also bring some wedding albums if you’re interested. Skype is also possible. Do you want to book me without a consultation meeting? No problem, bring on the wedding!

How does payment work?

When you book me, I’ll set up a price quote, the corresponding agreements and a price for the downpayment. Once you fulfil the downpayment, the booking is official. The remaining amount of money must be paid within fifteen days after you’ve received the online photo gallery. Once you’ve done so, I’ll send you the high-resolution files.

When do we get the photographs?

I’ll send a preview two days after the wedding. You’ll receive a large selection of photos through an online photo gallery within three weeks after the wedding. You’ll receive all the photographs on UBS memory stick after paying the invoice.

How many photographs of the wedding will we receive?

Many! It’s important to me to capture your wedding in its entirety. You, your guests, your locations, little details… I’ll never throw away a good photo or set a maximum. The number of photographs depends on the hours of photographs and the day’s schedule.

How does the creation and delivery of a wedding album work?

I’ll begin on the album after you’ve chosen what type of album you want. I’ll make a selection of photos (potentially with your input) and a layout. You’ll receive a digital proof. Once you’ve agreed to the proof, I’ll send the album to a specialised printer. Delivery will take 5 to 7 weeks. I’ll send the album to you or you can collect the album from me directly.

What if you’re sick on the day of the wedding?

I’m part of a big network of wedding photographs who help each other in times of need. When I’m unable to shoot due to serious illness or accident, I will take care of a replacement. Any additional costs will be paid by me.

Do you do engagement or pre-wedding shoots?

Definitely. Do you want special photos for the wedding invitation or really cool photos of yourselves in your wedding attire? On a special location, without having to rush? Then a pre-wedding (or after-wedding) photoshoot is the way to go. Pre-weddings aren’t well known in Europe yet, but they’re very normal in Asia.

I never look good in photographs. Can you help me?

Do you dislike getting your picture taken? I’ll make sure you feel comfortable and look great. Anyone can rock a photograph. You too. I’ll gladly help you.

Who made your website?

Linsey Brander created my website. She’s my younger sister and a web designer and developer. We work together on a project called Brander & Brander. We help people to improve their website.

Why Mandy Aileen?

My first name is Mandy and my middle name is Aileen. My full name is Mandy Aileen Brander.

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