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Mandy Brander

About Me

My first wedding, I still remember how I felt. Back then in 2012, I was mainly working as a business and fashion photographer. The work was nice and I made good photographs, but there on that wedding… I experienced some sort of pull. And now, after over a hundred weddings, I still feel it: the wedding euphoria.

I love the spontaneity and bliss, the dress and the little details which each tell a story. To capture a wedding the way it truly was — that’s the challenge I set myself. My gift to the people who let me be this close on their special day.

Mandy is a wonderful photographer. She’s practically invisible on the day itself. You hardly notice she’s there, allowing her to capture spontaneous moments. I’d recommend her to anyone.

Vincent & Karin

I love to travel. Not just as a holiday, but as a way to photograph in different places. A Tibetan wedding in Nepal, a fashion shoot on a Portuguese beach or a motorcycle trip from the Netherlands to Mongolia. I photograph a wedding the same way I travel the world with my partner, Pieter: I want to see everything without disturbing anything. I let myself be surprised by funny details and touching moments.

Wedding photography is full of cliches, and they’re all true. Fortunately, because this means I still walk around the wedding dress with a big grin behind my camera. Shedding a tear from time to time. Yes, photographing a wedding is more than a mere job to me. I can unleash all my creativity in it. I know how important the photographs will be after the big day is over. For you, for your guests, for the future.

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