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Wedding in North East India

Last winter I have been traveling in Myanmar, Thailand and also North East India. North East India is a place were not many tourist go. But it is one of my favourite places I have been to. North East India lies next to Myanmar and Bangladesh with China as their northern Neighbour. It is not like mainland India (that is how they call the big part of India) but they have their own cultures and regions. On the first day we were welcomed by Bobo and Murfi, who both live in Manipur. They are Royal Enfield bikers and since we were about to travel around North East India by motorbike they took us around.

It was the start of two awesome moths in this area and we made a lot of new friends. But especially the bikers of Manipur have a special place in our hearts, since they took such good care of us and we spend much time with them. Although it was not in our planning we made a detour to witness Bobo’s wedding and experience a traditional ceremony including wearing traditional clothing! The chief of the biker club, Miren and his lovely wife dressed us up and took us to the wedding. Pieter had the honour job to hold the umbrella and I took my chance to capture this special day!

Unlike weddings in Europe, you are not supposed to laugh and the ceremony had lots of rituals and rules. Bobo arrived first and his bride entered the room later after singers sing a story and play music. The bride had to walk several rounds around the groom while the singers continues making music. Man and female guest are divided and watch the whole ritual. As an outsider it is hard to tell what all this rituals mean, but it was interesting to watch. After the ceremony the bride goes to their new home to live with the groom and his family. And of course time to eat!

We want to thank all the lovely people we met in North East India for the hospitality and especially Bobo and his wife for welcoming us on their wedding day and for Miren and his lovely family for taking good care of us.