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David & Tamara got married!

Beginning of September it was a rainy week. Especially on the first Friday of September. The rain came poring out from the sky. You would think that everyone would totally freak out if that would happen on their wedding day. Well, I was lucky to be the photographer of Tamara and David. They were totally relaxed about it, arranged a nice coverd location and just accepted that it was raining. They didn’t let it mess up their day! I actually really loved the tropical location, it almost look like we were somewhere in South East Asia. And even though the weather was really bad, they still went into a little boat to make their entrance! After a beautiful ceremony and being overwhelmed by paper planes they cut their beautiful cake, had a toast and went on for a nice diner. The whole day was in a nice location called Vork & Mes in Hoofddorp, which is really a unique and modern building. They had a whole night of good food and party ahead, but for me was time to go home.

Thank you David and Tamara for having me as your photographer and for being so relaxed en fearless! I wish you lots of happiness together!

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