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Ben & Aaron got married!

Recently Ben and Aaron got married in Amsterdam! I was the lucky one to capture this wonderful day. Ben and Aaron both are from the UK, but live and work in Amsterdam. They love this city and decided to get married here. All their family and friends from the UK came over because they mean a lot to the couple. The day started in Hotel Goudfazant, a restaurant with an industrial look. Wedding planner Desiré from As You Desire did all the planning and the beautiful decoration. The decoration combined with the industrial location, made it all look unique and beautiful!

Ben and Aaron made their entrance and their intimate ceremony could begin. The part that I really loved was their vows towards each other and of course the confetti bombs at the end of the ceremony. Time to celebrate, with champagne, oysters, macarons and most important, lots of hugs, love and laughing! Singing Lady Gaga around the piano, wonderful diner with beautiful speeches and then off to the party boat where the whole party crew waved me goodbye.

A wedding such as this, full with beautiful details and happy people who are truly themselves makes me as a photographer and human being very happy. Aaron and Ben, thank you for trusting me as your photographer and I wish you all the best and lots of happiness together!

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