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Kamana & Ujwal

My time in Nepal was coming to an end, but not before I captured the Nepalese wedding of Kamana & Ujwal. Thanks to Jay, from Stories of Nepal (a beautiful facebookpage about Nepal!) who mentioned my name to Kamana, I got asked if I could photograph their day. Kamana and Ujwal both live in the USA now, but they came back for the wedding and the celebrated it on a traditional way.

Kamana looked beautiful in her red Sari and Ujwal wore a traditional Nepalese suit. They started with the engagement ceremony (which is normally on another day) and after that Ujwal arrived with the band. The ceremony included lots of rituals, some same as I had seen before and some new. A fun part is where both sides of the family have to pull a small blanked (the strongest one ‘wins’) and where the groom has to buy back his shoes from Kamana’s family. They were quit enthusiastic about this rituals and it looked like a lot of fun.

The day after it was time for the party. It was in a beautiful hotel and at this kind of party’s there is lots of food, music, dancing and many guests. The bride and groom sit on a stage and receive the blessings of the guests. The party ended with some good music and dancing of course!

Kamana and Ujwal, thank you for letting me capture your day and I wish you lots of happiness together!

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