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Pre-wedding photoshoot in Nepal

Last week I did an amazing pre-wedding photoshoot with a Chinese couple in Nepal! Beginning of this year I received an email from China. Gao and Sun emailed me if I was available for a pre-wedding photo shoot in Nepal. And not just a simple photo shoot, but a big one! I had never had that kind of request before, so I was exited. We talked trough Skype and we planned a date, so we could start with the preparations. I had no idea what to expect, but it turned out to be an amazing photo shoot and not only that, I made some new friends.

In the Netherlands a pre-weddingshoot is not that common. But in Asian countries it is populair to do a photo shoot before your wedding in wedding clothing. Sometimes several days and they put a lot of time and effort in it.

Gao and Sun wanted something special for their pre-wedding photo shoot. So they decided to go to Nepal and though google they found me. We planned two days of shooting and several days of travelling and preparing. We started in Bhaktapur, an old Newari Kingdom with amazing buildings and locations. They brought an stunning wedding outfit and it was quite impressive to see. The whole day lot of other people and tourist stood around me to take pictures as well. In the afternoon they changed in a traditional Nepali outfit that was perfect for this location.

The day after we flew to Pokhara, a city in western Nepal that lies at a lake with amazing views on the Himalaya. We spotted locations in the afternoon and the next day we did again a full day of shooting. Gao and Sun wanted the Himalaya as background and for weeks I was worried that we wouldn’t see any mountains. Because most of the times the sky is not clear and the highest mountains of the world are covered in clouds or fog. Probably I had like a million angels on my shoulder because it was the clearest days in a while. I had never seen it this clear and the mountains revealed itself in full glory! In the afternoon we went on a boat to take some pictures at sunset. It was the perfect ending of this wonderful photo shoot.

This photo shoot was a something I really loved to do because of the combination of wedding, fashion, outdoor shooting and travelling around to find amazing locations. But besides that I met a lovely and sweet couple. Both sides were kinds of nervous, because coming from such different cultures and never have met before we didn’t know what to expect and if it would click. But it did! We learned a lot about each other’s cultures, they took me out to traditional Chinese diner and we had fun. Gao and Sun were so hospitable, patient and friendly and it was lovely to meet them.

Gao and Sun, thank you so much for trusting me to take your pictures and I wish you lots of love and happiness for your coming marriage. I hope to meet again in the future!

Special thanks to Amrit from Epic Himalaya for helping to arrange the trip!

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